How to Make a Bacon Grease Emergency Lamp

This post is by Bernie Carr, I made a Bacon Grease Candle based on the instructions found in Willow Haven Outdoor.   After all, bacon is my favorite breakfast food.  I’ve made other lamps before, and I wanted to see how if this one would work. You will need Bacon grease   (If you don’t have bacon grease, […]

Packing For The Wilderness – What To Take

by Jesse Unless you are already experienced at travelling in the wilderness you might be surprised to learn that hypothermia is actually the most common cause of death. It might seem difficult to believe but a beautiful hot day can quickly turn into a very cold night. This is why it is essential to think […]

9 simple tips you need to buying the best EDC flashlight

One of the most useful parts of my EDC (Every Day Carry) kit is my flashlight. I have quite a few flashlights, some better suited than others for various uses (especially since I discovered these cheap little workhorses that I keep buying) but not all flashlights are really all that good to carry in your pocket […]

10 Prepper Uses for Safety Pins

ReadyNutrition Readers, Skeptics, and Skeptical Readers, greetings!  Let’s explain reasoning a little bit more in detail than regards the simple subject of this article.  My intent as a writer has never been to delve into the “High-Tech” and pricey solutions to things that you may face. Many survival magazines offer “Sales” rather than “Solutions” to […]

How To Grow Plants In A Jar Of Water

Oh, those wonderful mason jars. They have so many uses besides just preserving your food, and this one is one of my favorites. We’ve started plants from cuttings like this forever, but now it’s becoming the “cool” thing to do. Well guess what? It’s a responsible, easy way to grow your own food even if […]