5 Reasons People Don’t Prep

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5 Reasons People Don't Prep

2017 had the worst hurricane season in a long time. Hurricane Harvey caused catastrophic flooding in Texas. Hurricane Irma caused damage all over Florida. And Hurricane Maria absolutely decimated Puerto Rico.

You would think that this would be enough to cause most people–or at least those on the gulf coast–to become preppers. But sadly, 99% of people will continue on with their lives as usual, assuming nothing bad will ever happen to them or their homes.

But why? What is it that stops people from getting into preparedness? In this video, Prepper Princess shares the top 5 stupid excuses people give for not prepping. Here’s her list:

5. I Can’t Afford It.

4. Nothing’s Gonna Happen.

3. The Government Will Take Care Of Me.

2. I Don’t Know Where To Start.

1. I’ll Just Come to Your House.

She has several things to say about these excuses, so watch her video below to hear her comments.

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