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How to Make Reverse Twist Two-Ply Natural Cordage

by Todd Walker   Arguably, the most underrated and overlooked primitive technology is rope and string. That is until you run out of modern cordage. A whole new appreciation for stuff that binds will quickly become apparent. Ropes and knots predate the ax, the wheel, and possibly the controlled use of fire by our ancestors. […]

Dual Use Preps – Preparedness Multipliers

Guest Article by Bogan The term “Dual Use” is commonly used in international politics and diplomacy to denote technology that has a civilian application but may also be used for military purposes. A crude example for illustrative purposes might be a nuclear power plant that can…oops… also be used to make atom bombs (ayatollah, anyone?). […]

The Art of Reconnaissance: How to Improve your Viewpoint

  ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, this article will cover some basic techniques for observation, as well as some information on how the eyes and mind work.  Why?  To fine tune your skills and give you an edge, as well as promote information for your further studies.  You can use this information when you are in […]