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Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Rendering Lard

Forget all those negative connotations you might have heard over the years.  You might have been led to believe it is unhealthy, dirty, sticky or just plain gross. None of those things are true about today’s lard. Around my homestead, homemade lard from pastured pigs is practically white gold. It’s one of my most-used, sought-after, […]

Having a source of protein in a survival situation is critical. Most people thin…

Having a source of protein in a survival situation is critical. Most people think that they can hunt for what they need in regards to protein sources. Some people (probably many people) just won’t kill an animal for food which is a topic for another post. www.thegoodsurviv… Source by bobandsharon06

Go Time Gear Fire Escape Kit Review and Giveaway

This post is by Bernie Carr, I am always aware of the threat of fire, especially in an apartment complex.  And you already know about the close call we had last week.  With the recent wildfires in Northern California, fire danger is something we all must consider our emergency preparedness efforts.    With this […]

Pressure Canner + Water Bath Canner + Self Reliant School = AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!!

I love free stuff, and even more than that, I love when it’s good stuff! If you care about preserving your food, or living a more self reliant lifestyle, you’ll want to check the prizes for this giveaway out… and then enter to win them all! 3 Awesome Prizes: Hands down, this is one my […]