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The 3-Days Survival Blueprint Everyone Should Follow

A major disaster hitting in your area might leave you high, dry, and helpless unless you can think ahead, react quickly, and shield yourself and others in a crisis. If you would only knew in time… And if you would, how much could you do to prep. Let’s say, could you prepare for any disaster in […]

Tips for Surviving an Earthquake

Imagine the ground under you is moving and you’re in the middle of an earthquake. It’s pretty scary, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not exactly possible to predict earthquakes, though they can be anticipated. The natural disasters mainly occur near edges of tectonic plates (hello, California); however, they can occur anywhere. Learning what to do in […]

5 Gray Man secrets I learned as a surveillance operative

One of the questions I get fairly often is “what is the gray man,” and rightly so. It’s a concept that most people have a vague idea about, if any idea at all, since pretty much all they’ve been exposed to is maybe reading The US Army’s book on Human Intelligence Collector Operations – or what […]

Prepare For War At Home: 10 Quick Tips For You

The survivors of Holocaust will attest how hard life it will be if another war will happen today. Even the attack on Japanese soldiers in Pearl Harbor will give goosebumps just merely having a recap; this may be a worse nightmare ever a person could imagine. But, is it really possible that war could ever […]

The Peaks and Valleys of Dating after the SHTF

A tongue in cheek assessment of your options. We all know what the present-day dating situation is like. It’s not all sunshine and roses. Online dating is a risky proposition. And then, if you live in a small town (as I do), the local crowd might offer slim (or not-so-slim) pickings. It’s true there’s plenty […]

Ready for Anything: 4 Emergency-Preparedness Tips to Live By

Emergencies may be a rare occurrence, but when one strikes, you can’t retroactively prepare for it. If you haven’t prepared for this type of situation, you’ll be one of the many people scrambling to get supplies and figure out what to do. Fortunately, by following a few simple emergency-preparedness tips, you’ll be ready for anything. […]