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How to Make Reverse Twist Two-Ply Natural Cordage

by Todd Walker   Arguably, the most underrated and overlooked primitive technology is rope and string. That is until you run out of modern cordage. A whole new appreciation for stuff that binds will quickly become apparent. Ropes and knots predate the ax, the wheel, and possibly the controlled use of fire by our ancestors. […]

THE FLU And How To Avoid It

If you want to avoid the flu, then know this… during the winter months when outdoor temperatures plummet and people spend more time indoors while interacting with each-other, it increases the likelihood of spreading germs — and the flu virus. As the flu season begins to ramp up during the winter months, here are a […]

Vitamin C: A Powerful Weapon During Cold and Flu Season

Following Benjamin Franklin’s saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” you can bolster your chances to avoid the headaches of cold and flu season by an intake of Vitamin C.  Every article I have written on supplements I have included the caveat of asking your friendly family physician for permission.  This […]